Friday, 24 January 2020

New Website

So this is the new website. I have been a bit lazy here. I am a software developer by trade specialising in internet based products including websites. In the past I have always written my own websites but when it came to updating the current site I just didn't have the time or motivation. I last updated the site a couple of years ago and really didn't complete all the features I wanted. Time moves on in the technology world and last year when I decided it was time to update it I decided to rewrite it in a more modern technology and get all those features in place that I originally wanted. This didn't happen. Working on the YouTube channel has taken all the spare time I have so didn't have any more time to work on the channel.

So I cheated. I used a premade one, using Blogger. It has all the features I wanted, the ability to quickly and easily post to it and allow visitors (you lovely lot) to comment and have a discussion. If there is anything that I want to include that it can not do I could always just code that.

Also last year we re-branded from Tales of Middle Earth to ToME Tabletop Gaming. This is because whilst I started this to be for Middle Earth SBG I have always played and been into other games and this re-brand has allowed me to cover those. There will still be plenty of Lord of the Rings content coming, in fact hopefully every Monday there will be a Middle Earth based video on the channel. So if you joined us for that content, please do stick around.

I am in the process of moving across the most useful articles from the old site and will be adding the download section back as soon as possible and then hopefully some nice new stuff. Anyway that's enough waffle from me, please enjoy the new site.

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