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Dwarven Hallways

NOTE: This article has been superseded by SBG Quest Moria Dungeon Tiles

Equipment and Materials:
PVA Glue
Black Paint
Grey Paints

The dark hall was filled with a melody that had long been silent. But most of the dwarves were more practical; they gathered gems and stuffed their pockets, and let what they could not carry far back through their fingers with a sigh.


This article is for making the Dwarven hallways that could be found in Erebor, Khazad Dum or any other Dwarf citadel.  They can be arrange in many different ways and can be further added to if you like to create massive sprawling maze like passages.

The Basic Corridor

Normally with projects such as this I make the lengths multiples of six, being as that is the length that models move, but being these are Dwarf made they will be in multiples of 5 so that it will take two movement phases to cross, thus the corridors will be 10” long.  The width will be 4.5”.  Begin by cutting a piece of formcore 10.5” by 4.5”, this will  serve as the floor.  A geometric shape is cut out from cardboard and can be of any suitable design, the one I used look like:

Using a ballpoint pen this was drawn around scoring into the foamcore:

Two lengths of 10” by 4” were cut out and two lengths of 4.5” by 4”, these last two will be the doorway pieces. 

The doorways where based on the size and shape of those found in the doorway that  was included in the Mines of Moria boxset.

The doorway is cut out. You can use the following image to get the size to cut:

You will need to cut three pieces out using thick cardboard. If you don't own the Mines of Moria set to get the dimensions you can use the picture below to get the measurements and cut these out of the cardboard:

On the doorway pieces a doorway piece was cut into the centre.  The card pieces were glued in to place in the correct order.

Next all the pieces were glued into place and left to dry. You can use some books to butt up against the wall pieces to hold them in place whilst the glue dries.

The Other Tiles

Another straight piece was made as well as two bends, two t-junctions and finally two chambers.  They are made in exactly the same way as the straight corridor. You can use the measurements below if you like but feel free to use what ever sizes you see fit.


The corridors next had some detailing added to them, this was made from strips of card with triangular pieces glued along the length.

On some pieces pillars were made from foamcore and glued into places. Cardboard detailing was also added onto these.


I used black foamcore so didn't need to undercoat in black but if you used the more readily available white variety the first step will need to be to undercoat them in black paint. Do not use spray paint as it will melt the foam.

Next they where painted dark grey texture painted. You can buy this ready made  from some shops but I made my own.  I got a tin of dark grey emulsion and poured some into a suitable container. Into this I poured some fine sand (the finer the better) and mixed it up.  This was then painted over the corridors.

Once this had dried lighter shades of non textured grey paint where drybrushed over them all.

A final drybrush of fortress grey was painted over the more raised parts of the corridors such as the door frames and detailing.

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